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Il Mercatino

| a meticulously curated market of other brands and products loved by Christina |

Designed in the USA, Made in Italy

Each shoe is hand-crafted in Italy at family-run factories. From design, to sketching on the last, prototyping and production, every style is vigorously examined, tried, edited and retried repeatedly so that the lines and shapes of the final product are the most flattering designs and functional silhouettes for all women. We use only top of the line materials and components, many of which are custom designed by and produced just for Christina Lombardi, and the highest quality craftsmanship so that every single pair of shoes is a special work of art.


il mercatino

Welcome to Il Mercatino - a CLC exclusive marketplace featuring new brands and unique products all made in Italy or the USA.

From the people
From the people
These are my favorite sandals!
— Gabriella, USA
From the people
The marketplace is such a unique concept and I love finding new brands on there!
From the people
Fun, unique colors and prints elevate classic silhouettes! 10/10!
— Veronica, Italy