Christina lombardi

About the Brand

created by a woman for women

"I find inspiration in patterns, architecture and art, color, and nature when I travel, but ultimately my collections are designed for everyday girl bosses—because we really do run the world.  As a woman designing for women, it is important to me that my designs help them feel empowered while also being able to live their lives. I know and live the hustle of balancing a career, a home, a social life, and more, and I want to create shoes for women to wear through it all"

handcrafted in Italy

Each shoe is hand-crafted in Italy at family-run factories. From design, to sketching on the last, prototyping and production, every style is vigorously examined, tried, edited and retried repeatedly so that the lines and shapes of the final product are the most flattering designs and functional silhouettes for all women. We use only top of the line materials and components, many of which are custom designed by and produced just for Christina Lombardi, and the highest quality craftsmanship so that every single pair of shoes is a special work of art.


In today’s market, E-Comm is becoming the standard when it comes to retail. The best part is, that by skipping the big box store, we are able to offer luxury footwear directly to you at much more attainable price. We are still creating beautiful shoes with the same passion and craftsmanship that has been used in our factories for decades, we are just cutting costs by bringing our product straight to you!

"We strive to make our shoes feel as good as they look. We use the same factories and suppliers that have been used for decades by luxury brands, but are able to bring our products to a broader spectrum of women"


WHAT does this mean?

Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to offer new products online much quicker and on our own schedule. No more strict seasonal release dates, no more inflated retail markups and no more sacrificing functionality for glamour! With this post-luxury way of consuming we are able to give women styles they want, when they want them, at fair prices. You get a better deal, high-quality craftsmanship, and a narrative you can see…what more could a girl ask for 😉

Here’s to you looking fabulous without paying extra.


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We want to encourage women to take risks and have fun with fashion, without breaking the bank - or breaking a poorly-made heel!

-Christina Lombardi



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