With the launch of her new eponymous Italian shoe line, this New York City transplant has taken the District by storm. 

The best way to describe my approach to fashion is:  I need to be comfortable, look fabulous and throw on pieces that dont require a ton of effort. My style icon is…my grandmother - she attended the Fashion Instite of Technology and dew advertisements in newspapers for department stores She always had the most amazing costume jewelry and silk blouses. I recently found a picture of her from before I was born and she was wearing a tuxedo to a wedding she attended - with a red bow tie. I never leave the home without…my sunglasses. They really enhance a look, and I’m really into Prada’s styles this season. My favorite designers are… Dolce & Gabbana. They make the most beautiful pieces and send such a great message of love. When it comes to footwear, always…have fun! Shoes can make or break an outfit. And they can make or break  your confidence if they aren’t comfortable. As a woman designing for women, it’s very important for me to strike the balance of glamour, fun and comfort. Footwear should always empower women.

“One of my favorite items is a beautiful purse from Milan: it was the first gift my husband bought me. It comes from a wonderfully talented craftsman at a market along the Navigli River in Milan”

September 08, 2017 — Christina Lombardi

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