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Christina Lombardi Collections

Ciao and welcome to Christina Lombardi Collections! We are a luxury footwear and accessories brand founded by Christina Lombardi in 2016. Christina Lombardi products are designed and curated for the everyday woman to help them feel empowered while also being able to live their lives. We know and live the hustle of balancing a career, a home, a social life, and more, and I want to provide products for women to wear through it all. The Christina Lombardi brand was born because quality craftsmanship and originality matter!

Handcrafted in Italy

In partnership with Arise S. each shoe is hand-crafted in Italy at family-run factories. From design, to sketching on the last, prototyping and production, every style is vigorously examined, tried, edited and retried repeatedly so that the lines and shapes of the final product are the most flattering designs and functional silhouettes for all women.
We use only top of the line materials and components, many of which are custom designed by and produced just for Christina Lombardi, and the highest quality craftsmanship so that every single pair of shoes is a
special work of art.

Christina Lombardi Collections

Silk Scarf Collection