How was La Coquillette born?
La Coquillette was born on Instagram in 2021, thanks to the love of cooking and the passion for earrings. Alice, the creator of the brand, wanted to combine her 2 combinations, by offering a multitude of shell recipes, and a sharp selection of earrings, mottled and inspired by her travels. All your parts are handmade in Italy. 
A story of passions: the kitchen...
The passion for cooking, more specifically pasta, comes from my different Mediterranean origins: Sicilian and Lebanese. The desire to share recipes, mainly shells, makes it possible to inspire and delight young and old alike. It is a comforting and regressive dish that can be pimped to infinity! Using quality products, seasonal vegetables, whole wheat... these recipes allow you to enjoy while keeping a balanced diet. These dishes can adapt to all diets and dietary restrictions with a little imagination.
And the earrings!
This combination of fancy earrings and shells, allows me to combine my two passions in one. Earrings are for me an accessory that makes the difference. She renews an outfit in no time. From the turtleneck to the basic white t-shirt, they allow you to sophisticate an outfit. With pearls, wood, hoops, fleas or earrings, multiple kinds of fancy earrings exist. So I try to offer original, colorful collections, which make you want to be worn every day and on big nights. By offering them at low prices, it allows you to offer them or offer them without hesitation for too long. Each outfit has its earrings and recipe for shells.
March 16, 2022 — Christina Lombardi

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